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Weread Reading Notes

  • 📷 My photo gallery:  jerrysmd.github.io/gallery
  • 🔭 Synchronization: Meaningful photos compressed using Photoshop and stored on GitHub



  •  My Technology and Lifestyle Blog:  https://jerrysmd.github.io
  •  Optimized for performance: 99/100 on mobile and 100/100 on desktop in Google PageSpeed Insights
  •  CDN for third-party libraries supported. UNPKG CDN is working
  •  Desktop/Mobile responsive layout supported
  •  Light/Dark mode supported
  •  Valine comment system supported by Valine
  •  Search supported by algolia
  •  Copy code to clipboard with one click
  •  Images gallery supported by lightGallery
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for Font Awesome icons
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for ruby annotation
  •  Extended Markdown syntax for fraction
  •  Mathematical formula supported by $\KaTeX$
  •  Diagrams shortcode supported by mermaid
  •  Interactive data visualization shortcode supported by ECharts
  •  Mapbox shortcode supported by Mapbox GL JS
  •  Music player shortcode supported by APlayer and MetingJS
  •  Bilibili player shortcode supported
  •  Kinds of admonitions shortcode supported
  •  Animated typing supported by TypeIt
  •  Cookie consent banner supported by cookieconsent


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