Speed Up Your Site with a CDN: Content Delivery Network Essentials

One scenario where I need a CDN is for dynamically requesting static JavaScript files on my website. Hosting these large JS files myself would significantly impact my bandwidth usage since my host charges based on traffic volume. Using a CDN helps solve this issue by distributing requests across its worldwide network of data centers. Not only does this improve access speeds by caching files closer to users, it also reduces my origin server load and bandwidth costs.

Striking a Balance Between Speed and Compression Ratio: The Relationship Between Compression Algorithms and Formats

Some common compression formats include zip, rar, and 7z. Common compression algorithms include gzip, brotli, zstd, lz4, pigz, isa-l, and pzstd. However, what are the relationships between these? How can one strike a balance between compression speed and ratio? What is the relationship between compression algorithms and formats?

Color Grading DJI D-Cinelike Footage in DaVinci Resolve

This blog post will focus on color grading in DaVinci Resolve. It will introduce DJI’s D-Cinelike, D-Log color profiles, Sony camera S-Log, and explain the differences between these log formats and normal color profiles. The goal is to provide a tutorial for colorists on how to get the most out of log footage when color grading in DaVinci Resolve.